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Benefits Planning
Social Media Toolkit

Benefits Planning: Build the Life You Want. Keep the Benefits You Need.

Benefits Planning is a pathway to competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities. A critical barrier to meaningful employment is the fear and misunderstanding that many benefit recipients have about working while receiving public benefits. The purpose of this media toolkit is to raise awareness about how benefits and employment can work together to support people on their employment journey.

Looking for our Benefits Planning main page? Select this link. Learn how to find a certified Benefits Planner, find help applying for Disability Benefits, explore DB101, and more!


The Colorado APSE Benefits Planning Media Toolkit provides recommended language, communication templates, resources, and social media graphics to support any interested partners in elevating the importance of Benefits Planning as an essential component of achieving employment goals. Use the information in this toolkit, downloadable content, and links to enhance efforts in reshaping how people with disabilities and their support networks understand benefits. While this toolkit provides general guidance and suggested ways to share each element, please feel free to share the content in ways that will be relevant to your communities. This information is meant to be versatile for a variety of audiences.  
Benefits Planning Infgraphics


Colorado APSE has produced two infographics to offer additional modalities for people to learn about benefits and how to connect to a benefits planner. These resources can be distributed to career seekers, families and caregivers, service providers, employers, and anyone who would benefit from the information. Both infographics are available in English and Spanish.

How should I use these infographics? Here are some ways to share these resources.

  • Link them along with the Benefits Planning social media graphics provided in this toolkit. 

  • Include them in your next newsletter or other communications that feature resources for career seekers, providers, families, employers, etc. 

  • List them on the resource page of your website.

  • Give the links directly to career seekers, providers, families, employers, etc (Avoid sharing files. The links will always have the updated versions).

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Or share this link with others:

Benefis Planning Video


Colorado APSE received a grant to produce this dynamic video that highlights real-life examples about the importance of talking with a Benefits Planner. The video shows how people with disabilities are increasing their income through work while keeping the benefits they need.

Also available are these brief video snippets from Amber, Josh, Jenny, Courtney, and Nik. 

Social Media Content


Colorado APSE has developed a collection of social media graphics to post on platforms including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We encourage you to join us in posting regularly to raise awareness about benefits planning. 

Below is the link to download Colorado APSE’s Benefits Planning graphics as well as suggested language and messaging to accompany your posts. These graphics and messaging are intended to be posted over time and not all at once. Choose the content that you feel will resonate with your audiences. 

And don’t forget to include any relevant hashtags and tag Colorado APSE! Learn more about hashtags in the next section of the toolkit. 


  • There are 4 collections of Benefits Planning social media content. Each collection of graphics corresponds with a collection of messaging.

  • This content is ready to use and can be posted at any time! Choose the content that you feel will resonate with your communities. You may modify the messaging as needed or develop your own. The ‘learn more’ links included with each message can be exchanged for relevant resources from other partners in Benefits Planning as needed.


Let's Talk Benefits Collection

Did You Know? Collection

Benefits Basics Collection

Benefits Myths Collection



Hashtags allow people to find and follow topics they are interested in on social media platforms. Please ensure you include the following hashtags when you post content from the Colorado APSE Benefits Planning Media Toolkit:

  • #EmploymentFirst

  • #benefits

  • #benefitsplanning

  • #benefitscounseling

  • #work

And remember to tag Colorado APSE on Facebook using our handle: @apsecolorado 

Communications Templates

Join us in sharing the Benefits Planning Social Media Toolkit! We encourage you to share this toolkit with state agencies, providers, employers, professionals, community partners, or anyone who may directly serve or work with people with disabilities. (We suggest sending the links to the infographics, websites, and resources directly to people with disabilities and their families.) 

Communications Templates

Email Template

Copy and paste the template above into an email. Feel free to personalize the email depending on who you are connecting with.

Newsletter Template

We welcome you to use these two newsletter templates to direct people to general Benefits Planning information and to share the social media toolkit. Copy and paste these templates into your organization’s newsletter. We recommend incorporating these templates in different editions of your newsletter. 

Benefits Planning Infographics Email Template for Professionals

Share the Benefits Planning Infographics with people and their families/caregivers via email using this template. Copy and paste this template into an email to those who would find the infographics helpful.

Partners in Benefits Planning Awareness

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Have Questions About This Toolkit?

Please reach out to Colorado APSE with any questions about this media toolkit or to share suggestions for additional tools, resources, and content. Colorado APSE is committed to renewing this resource as the relationship between benefits and employment continues to evolve in our beautiful state. Email us at
Questions About the Toolkit
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