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Employment First Speakers Bureau

Employees with Disabilities. Trained Speakers. Subject Matter Experts. 

Photo of a Speakers Bureau training in progress.

The Colorado Employment First Speakers Bureau, funded by a grant from the Creative Ideas Fund serving Denver area residents, was created by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.


The Flicker training program, developed by Ty Smith, equips people with disabilities to be the subject matter experts of their own employment journey. It was built by people with lived experience for people with lived experience. 


Trainees are professionally trained to safely and effectively share their experiences and educate others about the Employment First movement. 


Several speakers have been hired to present their perspectives with diverse audiences, including policy makers, providers, educators, disabled peers and their caretakers, and other stakeholders.

When a speaker shares their story, the listener learns firsthand about the importance of Employment First and the success of employment policy in Colorado.


Book a Speaker

Members of the Speaker's Bureau are in demand locally and nationally to share their expertise, advocate for inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce, and use their perspective to shape programs and policy.

Become a Speaker

Be the Subject Matter Expert of your own path to Supported Employment. Share your story as a professional speaker with stakeholders helping to improve the lives of your peers.


Questions about the Colorado Employment First Speakers Bureau?

Email us at

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