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PEAT developed the AI & Disability Inclusion Toolkit to help your organization navigate the potential risks of implementing AI technologies (specifically for people with disabilities), to outline practices you can adopt to try making AI implementations more equitable, and to help you make a business case for Equitable AI to organizational leaders.

This guide was developed by Colorado APSE. It addresses what benefits counseling is, when do get it, and where to find a qualified benefits counselor. We update this guide regularly to add new resources as they become available across the state.

A comprehensive, web-based tool to create and explore scenarios to learn how employment, earning, and other circumstances may affect your benefits. CO DB101 features Federal & State-focused information and resources for career exploration and planning for Coloradans with disabilities.

Colorado's Office of Employment First is leading Colorado toward equitable employment for all people with disabilities through collaboration, systems innovation, and training excellence.

Disability IN empowers businesses to achieve disability inclusion and equality. They partner with over 400 businesses and other strategic partners to advance disability inclusion in the workplace.

The Employment First Advisory Partnership (EFAP) was established by Senate Bill 16-077 as a collaboration between state departments, people with disabilities seeking supported employment, families of people with disabilities, advocates for people with disabilities, and others focused on cross-disability interests.

ThinkWork! is the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI)'s hub for employment-related projects for people with IDD.

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