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Flicker Training

Photo of a Speakers Bureau training in progress.

The Flicker training program, developed by Ty Smith, equips people with disabilities to be the subject matter experts of their own employment journey. It was built by people with lived experience for people with lived experience. 

About Flicker Training

We are offering our training for our peers (people with disabilities) to be subject-matter experts about their own lives and experiences in the workplace. Our speakers can then present at your community to boards, conferences, to providers and family members, and leadership of organizations.


This training will provide peer speakers participation at the very highest of levels of policy-making, system planning and inclusion in their own communities. Currently, inclusion of people with lived experiences in the workplace is so important and seems too difficult for many groups. This training will be a first and powerful step. We will continue to support our Flicker trained speakers even after the training to help build Supported Employment membership and visibility, and to provide support to your community. Flicker training and our support can provide valuable opportunities for peers and really jump-start your development of peer leadership.

Why should people take our training?

We asked some of our Flicker trained speakers how they felt and they told us that they were really empowered by the training. They were very happy to meet other people with stories similar to theirs and build a strong connection while having the chance to share and be listened to as well. But that’s not all we expect!

Our Flickers will have many opportunities to interact directly in life changing conversations. The Speakers Bureau has received incredible interest for our Flicker trained speakers from state and national organizations. There are opportunities for Flicker grads to travel, sometimes with expenses paid, to attend focus groups and conferences. They may receive gift cards or a paid  stipend for their work, because the lived experiences of our Subject Matter Experts are valued. We can help those who really want it and work hard, to turn this into the dream job of being a public speaker. But to most of us it’s the respect of being a subject matter expert: a person whose life experience makes use of those experiences to effect real change and help our peers.

Why should you hire our speakers?

You will realize the immense benefits of having trained subject matter experts work with your program. Our insightful trained speakers will help engage your community to provide better results and instill the importance of inclusion of all people in our vast communities. Peer-guided and Peer-led is the future. Email us at today to help your organization thrive!

Where to Next?

Visit the Main Page. Learn more about Colorado Employment First Speakers Bureau. 

Become a Speaker. Become the Subject Matter Expert of your own Supported Employment story. 

Book a Speaker.  When a speaker shares their story, the listener learns firsthand about the importance of Employment First and the success of employment policy in Colorado.

Questions about the Colorado Employment First Speakers Bureau?

Email us at

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