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Request for Financial Support

Supporting opportunities that advance Employment First in Colorado

Colorado APSE will endorse projects, activities, and events that promote an equitable workforce for all people with disabilities and address the goals and mission of the Colorado APSE.

About Requests for Financial Support

Colorado APSE is excited to offer two opportunities for financial support. 

  • APSE Conference Financial Support with a maximum award of $500 per person

  • General Financial Support (trainings, projects, other events, etc.) with a maximum award of $250 per person and/or project

Colorado APSE will consider your request provided you follow these steps:


  1. Complete and submit the financial request using the application attached to this protocol.  Submit the request to members of the Colorado APSE executive committee by emailing

  2. Submit request 21 days prior to the need.  

  3. Explain in the application how this request will further Colorado’s APSE focus on the core areas of benefits counseling, communications and information sharing for all stakeholders, employer engagement, policy and initiatives that promote Employment First, and training for anyone in the community at large who is interested in joining our efforts.

Select this link to learn more about the the Colorado APSE Financial Support Request process and criteria

Select the button below to submit a Request for Financial Support Application.
If you have any questions or would like assistance in completing this form, please email

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