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Employment is for Everyone.

Real work, for real pay, for all people with disabilities

We are the Colorado Association of People Supporting Employment First (CO APSE), a state chapter of the National Association of People Supporting Employment First (ASPE).

APSE is the only national organization with an exclusive focus on integrated employment and career advancement opportunities for people with disabilities. Colorado APSE is committed to advancing Employment First and believes that employment is for everyone.

We get excited about what we do...


meaningful careers for people with disabilities


for Employment First policy and legislation


professionals, advocates, and career-seekers 


everyone about  Employment First

Employment First is a belief that all people with disabilities can work if they want to!
It focus
es on competitive, integrated employment, also known as CIE.  

What does Competitive Integrated Employment mean?
Fair pay. Being paid at least minimum wage and being paid the same rate as someone without disabilities for doing the same work duties.

Full inclusion. Working alongside co-workers with and without disabilities. And feeling a sense of belonging in every aspect of the workplace.

Advancement opportunities. The chance to be promoted, get a raise, take on more responsibility, or fill a leadership role, just like anyone else.


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